Aaron Jay Hebert was born on February 2, 1993 and grew up in South Louisiana.  Music was always a huge part of Aaron’s life. From a young age he saw his father performing onstage at a little Baptist church at his home town in Kaplan Louisiana, and he saw how music could touch people so deeply. It was then that he knew he wanted to pursue music for the rest of his life. He came from a working class family, so he spent a lot of time at home sitting on his parents front porch listening to all his childhood hero’s such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hank Williams Jr., Alan Jackson, Chuck Berry and Merl Haggard. He would stay home and jam along to the tunes with an old first act guitar, dreaming of a day where he could perform on stage just like his heroes.

In high school, Aaron joined choir and was labeled as a baritone two vocalist and quickly people started pinpointing his voice out from the choir. This led to solo


performances at district level competitions singing classic tunes such as "Ave Maria" and "Let It Be". His senior year of high school was a big year for him. He joined up with his first band as a rhythm guitarist, playing traditional French music. This gave him his first experience in being part of a band and led him to meeting a lot of talented musicians and life long friends...but he wanted more. He wanted to sing  and be the leader of his own band, so he put a group together and named the band Southern Edge. 


Southern Edge played a variety of music: country, blues, swamp pop, and southern rock. Aaron and the band would play a few times a month at different hole-in-the-wall bars, and the rest of the time Aaron would contract himself out to different bands around the area as a side man or a lead guitarist. He would also do solo shows on the side. This really helped build his experiences in music, and in life in general. After doing that for a few years, he crossed paths with a man name Rick Lagneaux who helped Aaron learn how to write well-polished songs and  gave him his first real experience in a professional recording studio.


Aaron and Rick released Aaron’s first single “Got My Boots On” to radio stations around south Louisiana. "Got My Boots On" really showcased Aaron’s musical ability’s because not only did he write and sing the song, but he also played harmonica on the song. About a year after Aaron’s debut of "Got My Boots On", Aaron decided to released his next single called “If I Could Go Back”. This single was a slow heartfelt ballad written by Billy Yates, who is a song writer out of Nashville who wrote a lot of songs for many different artists such as Charley Pride and George Jones. Aaron Jay Hebert and the song "If I Could Go Back" shortly found their way into the Nu Louisiana Country Charts. Aaron Jay once said during a radio interview that he would have his hand in music for the rest of his life because he loves touching peoples hearts and there’s no better way to do so then through a song...